Friday, February 1, 2013

Foam bracelets

These bracelets takes just minutes to put together and are comfortable around your kids wrist.I'm sure every little girl would love these.


Foam sheets
scissors/decorative scissors
decorating items like flowers, beads ,glitter,alphabets

Instructions:1.Cut strips of foam(measure your kids wrist,these should fit loosely around kids wrist)
2.Punch hole at each end.Attach lace/thread  to tie the bracelet on.Decorate with embellishments.
3.If using Velcro glue 2 opposite pieces to the ends.One on the back and one on the front of the band.

1.You can place two pieces of foam on top of each other.The top one should be slightly less in width than the bottom one.
2.You can sew ribbon on the foam and also handmade beads etc.
You can create as many variations as you want.
Foam Bracelets

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