Friday, February 1, 2013

Paper lantern

I made these in school when i was a kid.Did you?


Scrap-booking paper/construction paper(i used A4 size paper)

1.Fold a piece of paper in half( length wise).
2.Starting at the fold cut a straight line (Dont cut all the way till the end)Leave at least 1 inch,continue to make parallel cuts(make sure they are evenly cut).
3.Once all the strips are cut,open the fold(You can color or decorate your lantern at this point).
4.Now roll the paper into a tube shape.Staple or glue the edges together.
5.Use a strip of paper or ribbon as a handle.Staple the handle on the top side of the lantern.

Tip :
Use a ruler and make straight lines if your kid is doing the lantern.
You can use these as table lanterns with LED tea lights.

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