Friday, February 1, 2013

Quilled flower card

These flowers can be made even without a quilling tool.
This is a great first cutting project for kids since they practice the hand motion of opening and closing the scissors.


Any colored paper/construction paper
card stock for making card

1.For the center of the flower:
Cut a thin strip of paper with scissors.Roll it between your fingers to form a circle and glue the end.
2.For petals:
Take 1 inch wide long strip.Make minute cuts like this.

Now take the rolled center bud,roll the petals strip around the bud,glue it at the end.Simply press with your thumb .
Make a "s" shape design with a thin strip for creeper.

You can use these flowers on cards,to make photo frames,in any kind of decorations(like i used them to decorate my blog :-)

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