Friday, February 1, 2013

Turkey Headband

I found this online while doing research for a Thanksgiving craft.Very simple.
Turkey headband
Brown construction paper/brown bag
Red and yellow construction paper for turkeys wattle and beak.
Any color paper for feathers and wings
Googly eyes/white pompoms


For the band
1.Cut 2"x(16"-18") strip of brown paper(measure your kids head)make like a band.Use glue or staple to hold the edges.
2.Cut 3 feathers from different construction papers glue them on the back of the band.
3.Glue the wings on each side of the headband.

For the face
1.Glue the googly eyes(You can just use white and black paper).
2.Cut a small diamond shape from yellow construction paper for the beak.Fold it into half like a triangle and glue.
3.Cut a rounded "L"shape for the turkeys wattle,glue it inside the triangle.
4.Glue turkeys face to the headband

You can ask kids whom they are thankful for and write on the pre-cut construction paper feathers like this.

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