Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tissue paper flowers

Making tissue paper flowers is an easy and creative way to spend your time.
Colorful tissue paper flowers

You will need:
Tissue paper
Yarn/thread/pipe cleaner

1.Cut the tissue paper in half or cut in quarters.
2.Lay them on top of each other .
3.Then fold these in an accordion fold. (Fold your paper about 1 and half  inch wide,then flip it over and make another fold ,continue doing this until you reach the end.
4.Take a pipe cleaner or thread or wire and tie it in the middle.

5.cut the edges into petal shape.
6.Hold the flower in one hand ,now carefully open up the layers.pull as much as you can with out ripping it.Then do it on the other side

You can decorate your house with these flowers,place them in a vase or hang them..
Table cloth flowers

The red flowers above are made of dollar store bought table cloth..can you believe it?My table cloth was ripped so i used it to make these awesome flowers.


  1. looks like a real flower.very nice.but swapna can u also mention few steps about the vase.i like it.

  2. Sure veni.I will post about the vase soon.