Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Diwali Diyas

Diya for decoration

Since diwali is the festival of sweets, fire crackers, lights and decorations…
I made pedas and decorated the wall with homemade diyas.I started this fun little homemade project with foam and glitter.

What you will need:
Foam /construction paper
Any decorating/embellishing items (beads,sequins,mirrors,glitter)

1.Cut out diya shapes from any bright colored foam and flame shape from yellow or orange foam .Glue diya and flame .Decorate them as you like with any embellishments. You can also write Happy Diwali with glitter on them.
2.Make as many diyas as you want .Decorate the wall/door with these beautiful diyas.

To make multiple diyas,trace diya shape and use it to cut more.

Diwali decoration on the wall
In India we decorate entrance of our houses with beautiful rangoli designs/muggulu to welcome our guests right?
Here are some rangoli designs for you.

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  1. My kids love 2 do these kind of simple crafts.In a way they'll know something abt our indian festivals.