Friday, March 2, 2012

Valentines Day Card/Heart Shaped Card

I prefer handmade cards rather than store-bought.So,i made this cute red heart card and gave it to my hubby on last year valentine’s day. He loved it.
Heart Shape Card
All you need :


Pattern paper (here I used red color paper cutout from a gift bag)
Double sided tape


1. Take any color cardstock(I used brown). Fold it in half. Then draw a heart shape, cut into heart shaped card leaving the edges to keep the card intact.

2. Cut the red pattern paper into heart shape slightly ½ inch less than the main card .Glue it on top.
3. Make 2 mini cards one to paste on the top of the card and other to put inside the card.(you can decorate the card as you like ) 

4. I also made a small pocket, glued it inside the card to put a small love note in it. 

5. Used a gold ribbon to put the card together. 


  1. Nice idea swapna.Doesn't look like a hand made one.
    Looks like an expensive card.Gr8 work.

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